Wide Loads & Long Loads

over dimensional load pilot car long loadWith trained, educated and certified pilot car drivers, Integrity Pilot Car Services provides complete assistance for truckloads with oversized loads that are Wide Load and/or Long Load jobs. We are fully compliant with city and state requirements as Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators. Integrity Pilot Car Services is also licensed for Nationwide Wide Loads and Long Loads, and we have offices in Virginia Beach and Stuart Virginia. Integrity Pilot Car Services provides permitting in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Whether you need one or more Wide Load or Long Load escorts, Integrity Pilot Car Services’ drivers will safely escort your oversized load to its destination. While coordinating with local and state police, we follow transportation safety guidelines for width, length, height and overhang. Some states require police escort for truckloads of certain lengths or heights and these requirements can vary from state to state.

Your escort from Integrity Pilot Car Services will confirm time of movement and road conditions, and if needed, they will check holiday and weekend travel. All drivers with Integrity Pilot Car Services are certified and equipped with any items needed for a Wide Load or Long Load haul such as safety equipment, flashing lights, safety wear and cones. We can also survey the route, if required or needed for the trip.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

What are Wide Loads?

Pilot Car escorting a wide loadIn the United States, a wide load is a truckload that is more than 8 feet and 6 inches wide. If a load is less than that specification, it should be able to be transported through most roads safely and easily. Different regulations apply for length and height of the load and they can differ from state to state. Integrity Pilot Cars can provide the pilot cars you may need for your wide load move. We will handle the logistics of your move as well as provide any vehicles necessary for your haul.

With wide loads, the pilot car can:

  • Perform as a flagger after pulling off the road
  • Block traffic from passing a wide load
  • Provide a route survey and communicate with the driver any obstructions, road closures, etc.
  • Stop the wide load if necessary

In most states, regardless of height, width and weight restrictions, the load must be non-divisible to receive a special permit to travel through the state with the over dimension load. To be considered non-divisible, the load cannot be divided into smaller loads because:

  • It would negate the functionality of the vehicle and be unable to perform as intended.
  • It would decrease or eliminate the value of the load or vehicle.
  • It would take more than 8 hours to take the load or vehicle apart. Burden of proof falls on the applicant.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

What are Long Loads?

Generally any trailer that is more than 53 feet is considered a Long Load in most states, and it will require a special permit to move across the state. While the Federal Highway Administration says no state can impose a trailer length of less 48 feet limitation, states can vary on the maximum length that requires a permit.

Note: An exception to this limit exists for combination vehicles or truck tractor with a semitrailer or trailer hauling automobiles or boats, and in that case, it cannot exceed a length of 65 feet, or 75 feet, depending upon the connection.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

Integrity Pilot Car Services knows the requirements and regulations for each state. Whether it’s a local move in Virginia, an Eastern region move or a haul across the United States, we can assist you with your Wide or Long Load haul. We’ll handle the logistics including pilot cars, route surveys, safety equipment and contacting state and local governments and entities.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has years of experience. We know the regulations of different states, so leave the paperwork and prep to us. Whether you’re moving a roof for a house or heavy equipment, let us handle the pilot car logistics for your company.

When you work with Integrity Pilot Car Services, you are driving with experienced professionals for Wide and Long Load hauls.

Additional Services:

  • Do you have a Superload or Over Dimensional High Pole Load? Integrity Pilot Car Services can escort those loads too!
  • Integrity Pilot Car Services offers the Virginia State Pilot Car Certification Course. Click here to find out more.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

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Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net by xedos4.