Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course

Pilot Car CertificationIntegrity Pilot Car Services offers the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course for pilot car or escort vehicle drivers and is a certified instruction site. Our instructors are educated, trained and experienced pilot car or escort vehicle drivers. The 8-hour certification course is mandatory, by the state of Virginia, for any escort applicant.  The 8-hour instructional course encompasses the Virginia instruction presentation along with all rules, regulations, and requirements.

About the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course

All pilot car or escort vehicle drivers must be certified prior to performing any job as an oversize/overweight load escort vehicle driver in Virginia. Before certification, the applicant must:

  1. Have a valid license in the state or jurisdiction where he/she lives.
  2. Follow all state traffic laws as well as permit policy and regulations.
  3. Have passed the escort vehicle driver’s certification test
  4. Pay a $25 fee for the certification to the DMV.

Why choose Integrity Pilot Car Services for the Virginia Certification Course

Integrity Pilot Car Services’ Virginia Escort Driver Certification  instructor has the personal experience as both a pilot car driver and as a course instructor. Benefits of using us for the certification course include:

  • The course encompasses Virginia’s PowerPoint presentation along with all the rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Integrity Pilot Car Services will file the certification with the DMV upon completion via electronic transmittal.
  • The applicant is given a certificate, which has to be presented to the DMV when applying to take the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification test. Pilot Car or Escort Applicants are not allowed to take the test without the certificate stating that the course has been completed.

The test is processed through DMV’s Knowledge Automated Testing System at DMV Customer Service Centers. The multiple-choice test, once completed, will also indicate your results. When you pass the DMV test, you are issued a Temporary Escort Permit. Your 5 year permit will take up to 30 days to arrive in the mail.

For more information about the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course taught by Integrity Pilot Car Services, call (757) 618-4899.


Class Dates – ALL CLASSES BEGIN AT 8:30 A.M.

Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course


July 8:30AM

  • 7/24/19

August 8:30AM

  • 8/7/19
  • 8/21/19

September 8:30AM

  • 9/11/19
  • 9/25/19

October 8:30AM

  • 10/9/19
  • 10/23/19

November 8:30AM

  • 11/13/19
  • 11/27/19

December 8:30AM

  • 12/4/19
  • 12/18/19


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