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Let Integrity Pilot Car Services handle all the logistics for your Superload move. We have the experience for any type of truckload move. Your Superload may exceed the permitted weight or dimensions of an over dimensional load, so it will require a special permit for transportation. Think it’s impossible to move? Call us, and we will work with you in a professional, safe and cost-effective way.

With trained, educated and certified pilot car drivers, Integrity Pilot Car Services provides complete assistance for Superload jobs. We are fully compliant with city and state requirements as Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators. Integrity Pilot Car Services is also licensed for Nationwide Superloads, and we have offices in Virginia Beach and Stuart Virginia. Integrity Pilot Car Services provides permitting in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Whether you need one or more Superload escorts, Integrity Pilot Car Services’ drivers will safely escort your truckload to its destination. While working with local and state police, we follow transportation safety guidelines for width, length, height, weight and overhang. Some states require police escorts for loads of certain heights or lengths and requirements vary from state to state, so we coordinate with local and state police.

Your escort from Integrity Pilot Car Services will confirm time of movement and road conditions, and if needed, they will check holiday and weekend travel. All drivers with Integrity Pilot Car Services are certified and equipped with any items needed for a Superload haul such as safety equipment, flashing lights, safety wear and cones. We can also survey the route, if required or needed for the trip.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899


What are Superloads?img_0065-module-snow-storm

Superloads are generally defined as special loads that are outside of the parameters of the permitted over dimensional load. The load is wider than, longer than, higher than, or weighs more than what an ordinary permit allows. It may also be a combination of all the above and does not fit permit limits. These dimensions are regulated by the state in which the superload is moving and each state may have different limits.

Considerations regarding superloads:

  • Permit may require more time due to more intensive review process
  • Load must be clearly shown to be non-divisible
  • Additional documentation may be required
  • Bond may need to be submitted
  • Police escort may be required depending on the state
  • Traffic control plan may need to be submitted
  • Coordination with utility companies may be required

Requirements change state-by-state, city-by-city, so having Integrity Pilot Car Services handle your superload move from start to finish will eliminate these hassles. Permits, legal ramifications and technical know-how are part of the service that we will provide for your superload move. All of our drivers are certified and we can also provide any additional pilot cars, escort vehicles or equipment as needed.

When you work with Integrity Pilot Car Services, you are driving with experienced professionals for Superload hauls.

Additional Services:

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899