Route Survey

Route SurveyIntegrity Pilot Car Services performs and provides route     surveys prior to escorting your over dimensional load. Your pilot car driver will review the route survey, discuss any potential obstacles and review the specific route.


What is a route survey?


Integrity Pilot Car Services’ route survey encompasses all roads, road structures and utilities that may be encountered along the route. Road construction and road delays are included on the route survey, bridge and overpass clearances, utility lines and overhead obstacles are also researched and noted. The goal is to ensure that your over dimensional load reaches its endpoint with no damage to the load, road structure, your truck or other motorists.

A route survey performed by Integrity Pilot Car Services usually consists of detailed information regarding the following:

  • Roads proposed
  • Bridges including slabs and pillars
  • Road turns with turning radius indicated
  • Bypass information
  • Overheads
  • Railway crossings
  • Wire and cable clearances including utilities


Why is a route survey important?


A route survey is essential to you, as a truck driver or trucking company, to ensure an over dimensional load arrives safely and on time to its destination. Surveys are the most cost-effective way to keep the roadways safe for all motorists and the general public. Integrity Pilot Car Services has years of experience determining the best route for oversized loads.

Overpass Route SurveyWe will carefully observe the route for any potential problems or obstacles, indicate those points on the route survey, and offer practical solutions to the hazard or problem area. Integrity Pilot Car Services will analyze the results of the survey and review them with you before you hit the road. We provide not only experienced and trained pilot car drivers, but also drivers who are qualified to give you the best possible route for your load.

The route survey enables the pilot car driver to know exactly where they are going and what to expect along the way.

On the East Coast, the area is inundated with tunnels and bridges, as well as, very high traffic areas such as I-95. Not all bridges have the clearance needed for an over dimensional load, and the tunnels all have specifications to consider.

A route survey provides the following benefits:

  • It increases safety for the over dimensional load driver, pilot car driver and other drivers on the roadRoad Construction Route Survey
  • It minimizes traffic delays
  • It prevents accidents which can harm the truck driver, the load and other people
  • It minimizes damage to highways, roads and infrastructure
  • It prevents damage to the equipment and load being delivered
  • It indicates where coordination with local authorities may be needed to lift or remove traffic lights, signs or utility wires
  • It indicates road closures or delay on weekends and holidays


Your team at Integrity Pilot Car Services is experienced and trained to provide accurate route surveys. Call us today, so we can escort your over dimensional load. (757) 618-4899




Images courtesy of by khunaspix (clear road), think4photop (overpass) and idea go (road construction).