The safety of your Over Dimensional or Superload is our number one priority at Integrity Pilot Car Services. We follow all of the required safety procedures for every Over Dimensional High Pole, Wide Load and Long Load and Superload. Our pilot car drivers are educated, trained and certified. Our goal is for your driver and load to reach its destination safely and securely. On request, Integrity Pilot Car Services provides route surveys for both new and existing customers.

Since over dimensional loads often exceed design clearances on roads, there is a risk to both the load and bridges, aerial obstacles, wires and other vehicles and drivers. Whether you need one or more escorts, Integrity Pilot Car Services’ drivers will safely guide your oversized load to its destination. In some cases, a police escort is mandatory. We coordinate with local and state police, and we follow transportation safety guidelines for height, width, length and overhang.

Safety Equipment

The pilot car will provide all the safety equipment necessary for the job including the following items:

  • Radio and cell phone for communication between pilot car and load driver
  • Maps
  • Camera
  • Door Sign: Name, City, St, Phone
  • Hand Held Safety Red or Orange Flag
  • Overhead Amber Flashing Lights
  • Oversize Load Sign
    • Front & Rear
    • Overhead MD MI WI UT AZ WA ID
    • 12×60
    • 8 Or 10 Inch Letters
  • 4 18×18 Red Or Orange Flags
  • 2 18×84 Over Size Load Sign
  • 18″ Handheld Stop & Slow Paddle
  • 2 5# Fire Extinguishers
  • Orange Hard Hat
  • Orange Class 2 Safety Vest
    • Class 3 for Night Moves
  • 3 Triangle Reflective Kits
  • 3 18″ Reflective Traffic Cones
  • Flashlight with min. 1.5 lens diameter
  • Red Traffic Baton
  • 3 Or More 15 Minute Fuses
  • Height pole made of a non-conductive, non-destructive, flexible or frangible material
  • Tool Box with Hand Tool
  • Spare Tire & Lug Wrench
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra Bulbs for All Lights 

State Requirements

Integrity Pilot Car Services is fully compliant with city and state requirements as Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators. We provide permitting in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and have offices in Virginia Beach and Stuart Virginia.

Regulations vary from state to state on required aspects of a haul across the state. This includes the number of pilot cars required, if a police escort is needed, if a high pole is required and specific safety equipment. Integrity Pilot Car Services will ensure all safety measures are taken to comply with the state’s regulations to protect people, equipment, infrastructure and the load.

Pilot Car = Safety

Not only is a pilot car required for some hauls across states, Integrity Pilot Car Services drivers perform important safety functions throughout the move. The pilot car driver makes sure that the way is safe for the truck driver, the equipment and any other people on the road. To ensure this happens safely,  the Integrity Pilot Car driver may:

  • Perform as a flagger after pulling off the road
  • Block traffic from passing the oversized load
  • Provide a route survey and communicate with the driver any obstructions, road closures, etc.
  • Stop the load if necessary
  • Prevent damage to road and infrastructure
  • Coordinate with local officials if obstructions such as traffic signals, electrical wires or telephone wires need to be lifted
  • Work efficiently to prevent traffic delays as much as possible

Integrity Pilot Car Services has years of experience with all types of wide load, high pole, superload or long load hauls, and we can handle your job safely, competently and effectively. Our job is to get your over dimensional load to its destination safely.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

When you work with Integrity Pilot Car Services, you are driving with experienced professionals.

Additional Services:

  • Do you have a Superload (Link to page), Wide Load or Long Load (link to page) or High Pole Load (Link to page)? Integrity Pilot Car Services can escort those loads!
  • Integrity Pilot Car Services offers the Virginia State Pilot Car Certification Course. Click here to find out more.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899