Pilot Car Permitting in Hampton Roads

Over Dimensional Loads Hauling Permits in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads Over Dimensional Load PermittingAs your pilot car, Integrity Pilot Car Services can arrange all hauling permits for the Hampton Roads area for your trucking company or truckload. The hauling permit authorizes movement of Over Dimensional and/or Overweight vehicles and loads over the state highway system. The hauling permit contains travel regulations, routing information and safety requirements. Integrity Pilot Car Services will provide route surveys.

The trucking company or truck driver is typically responsible for this task, but as part of our service to you, Integrity Pilot Car Services will get the required permits for each of the Hampton Roads cities involved in the move of your over dimensional load. You can count on us for both the permitting and pilot car assistance in the Hampton Roads’ cities, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News.

Hauling Permits

Hauling Permits are required for oversized and overweight loads traveling through Virginia and are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Over dimensional loads exceed the maximum limitations listed below. Superloads are even larger and require special planning and permitting.

In Virginia, the maximum limitations are:

  • Height 13′ 6″
  • Width 8′ 6″
  • Length
    • 40′ – Motorized Vehicle other than Buses or Motor Homes
    • 48′ – Trailer (53′ trailers allowed on interstate system)
    • 65′ – Vehicle/Trailer Combination
  • Overhang: 4′ – Rear  3′ – Front
  • Weight
    • 20,000 – Single Axle
    • 34,000 – Tandem Axle

 Hauling Permit fees and required information

There are several permit types, including Single Trip, Blanket and Superload. A fee is required to get a permit and is based on many factors. The exact fee will be determined at the time when the application for the permit is submitted.

To apply for a hauling permit, the driver or company must know the following information to give to the DMV:

  • Overall dimensions of vehicle and load configuration
  • For each axle, the axle weight, distance between each one and gross weight of vehicle and load configuration
  • Route starting and end points and route numbers (if available)
  • Permit emergency contact information

Note: No changes can be made to Virginia Hauling Permits, so it is essential that all information is correct.

In addition to providing pilot cars for your superload or over dimensional load, wide, long or high pole load, Integrity Pilot Car Services can take care of the hassle of getting the hauling permits for the Hampton Roads area. We will also provide all the safety gear including flashing lights, safety vest and flags. 

Additional Information for the Transportation of Over Dimensional and Superloads

Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) and Routes

Virginia has approximately 3288 miles of designated highways that allow larger vehicles to access the highway system. In Virginia, the STAA includes:

  • National Network with all interstate highways and 1478 miles of primary roads (large majority)
  • Virginia Qualifying Highways that includes 902 miles of additional qualifying primary roads
  • Virginia Access System, 908 miles of routes that give direct access to terminals

Hazardous Materials

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) regulates the movement of hazardous materials through the tunnels in the Hampton Roads area including the Elizabeth River-Downtown, Elizabeth River-Midtown, Hampton Roads and Monitor-Merrimac tunnels.

When transporting through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) which has one entrance/exit in Virginia Beach, some materials are prohibited and some are restricted as well. Prohibited materials are the same as the ones listed above for VDOT tunnels.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has educated, trained and certified pilot car drivers that provide complete assistance including hauling permits for the Hampton Roads area. We comply fully with city and state regulations as pilot/escort vehicle operators. Integrity Pilot Car Services is also licensed for Nationwide Loads.

Integrity Pilot Car Services has 24/7 scheduling, and we provide load recovery. Call us today. (757) 618-4899

When you work with Integrity Pilot Car Services, you are driving with experienced professionals.

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