How to Stay Safe in Bad Weather While Driving your Over Sized Load

Bad Weather and Over Size LoadsDistracted drivers, potholes and road construction are not the only dangers on the road, you also have to prepare and react to severe weather. Driving in bad weather can cause as much damage, if not more, to your truck, to your load and to yourself. Add in an over dimensional load, and the dangers rise exponentially.


How to Stay Safe in Bad Weather While Driving your Over Sized Load


You’ve been trained to drive your over dimensional load. You have the experience, but taking certain precautions can help you tremendously in any severe weather condition and could possibly save your life. By simply increasing the stopping distance between your truck and the vehicle in front of you will allow you to have more room to stop. Knowing when to get off the road is important for all drivers but especially for drivers of over dimensional loads. With severe weather happening more during certain times of the year, you may face this decision on a frequent basis.

Severe weather such as heavy rain, hail and high winds can reduce your traction control, and without traction, your drive may be even more dangerous. Windy conditions affect all drivers, but crosswinds are particularly worrisome for truck drivers due to the height of the truck and the load it is carrying. For all of these driving situations, simply reducing your speed or pulling over briefly may help.


Other tricky weather situations and possible solutions include:

  • Rain – Make sure your windshield washer fluid is full and that the windshield is clean on the inside. During heavy rains, be on alert for flooded areas to avoid.
  • Hail – Pull over briefly during a hailstorm, and if possible, try to place your windshield away from the Lightning, Severe Weather and Over Dimensional Loadsdirection of the hail.
  • Lightning – Lightning can strike trucks or their loads since they are often the highest point around, so pull off and stay put in a safe area until the storm passes.
  • Tornado – Never try to outrun a tornado! Do not stay in your truck and try to seek shelter in a sturdy building. If shelter is not available, get to the lowest spot on the ground and lie flat with your arms protecting your head.


Don’t let weather be the reason your load does not arrive at its final destination intact, safely and on time. Take steps to prepare for severe weather. Your load is important, your truck is important and you are very important.

You already have a lot to deal with just driving an over dimensional load. Integrity Pilot Car Services will work closely with you and will monitor severe weather, inform you of road conditions and assist with safety equipment if needed. At Integrity Pilot Car Services, our drivers perform route surveys before setting off, so they will know the best route to take and how to deal with obstacles, including weather that you may face along the way.

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