Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads Down the Road

Pilot Car Superload

You’re driving on the interstate and you see flashing lights. As you get closer, you realize that what you are seeing is a Marine Helo being hauled on a flatbed. It’s an incredible sight and takes a lot of planning.



Pilot Cars – Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads Down the Road


What does it take to get it safely down the road?

It takes a Pilot Car with flashing lights and flags to escort that truck with its over dimensional load, but why all the lights and precautions from the Pilot Car?


It’s all about safety. Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads down the Road
  • The safety of the drivers sharing the road.Truck Load Safety
  • The safety of the truck driver, the truck and the load.
  • The safety of the roads and infrastructure.

A pilot car or escort car is a vehicle that escorts oversized loads through a specified area, so when you share the road with a pilot car doing its job, give them plenty of room and don’t get in between their load and their Pilot Car!

The pilot car driver is trained and experienced to escort the over dimensional load to its final destination, and the pilot car may be a truck, sports utility vehicle or a car. The driver knows state and federal regulations regarding oversized loads and works with the driver of the load to ensure the safety of the load, the driver and the general public.

Pilot Car Companies, like Integrity Pilot car Services, provide route surveys, check road conditions and check holiday and weekend road schedules. All states and cities have different requirements and regulations for the hauling permit needed by the truck driver.

The pilot car driver will be in front on or behind the load with proper safety equipment to warn other drivers of the oversized load and to handle any obstacles the load may face. Safety equipment on a pilot car or escort car will include:

  • Flashing lightsFirst aid kit for truck loads
  • Safety flags
  • Radio for communication between pilot car and driver
  • Maps
  • Emergency equipment including fire extinguishers and first aid kits


In addition to providing safety equipment, the driver of the pilot car or escort car will also be on hand to provide assistance as needed with the following:

  • Perform as a flagger after pulling off the road
  • Block traffic from passing the oversized load
  • Provide a route survey and communicate with the driver any obstructions, road closures, etc.
  • Stop the load if necessary
  • Prevent damage to road and infrastructure


It is important that the pilot car company and driver know local, state and federal regulations regarding oversized loads to prevent damage to infrastructure such as over-passes, electrical wires and traffic lights and to ensure compliance with city and state regulations.


All in all, the goal is to get that Marine Helo to its final destination safely, with no damage to roads or the load, with minimal delays and no accidents.


Integrity Pilot Cars supplies pilot cars, overload permits and escorts for oversize loads including superloads, wide loads, High-poles and long loads. We have locations in Virginia Beach and Stuart, Virginia, and are licensed for nationwide loads. Integrity Pilot Cars can provide same day local city permits for all Hampton Roads Cities including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News and Suffolk.

Call Integrity Pilot Cars for your oversize load needs (757) 618-4899.


Images courtesy of by phasinphoto (safety first) and Mister GC (first aid kit)