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Why You need a Pilot Car for Oversized Loads

As you drive your oversized load down the road, you may question the need for a pilot car escort. Is it really needed? It comes down to both safety and what teach state requires, based on the ones you have to go through to get to your destination. There are many obstacles to get past… Read more »

How Truckers and Pilot Car Drivers Can Beat the Summer Heat

Heat waves throughout the country are easily bringing temperatures over 100 degrees, which are no doubt affecting truckers, pilot car drivers, and your oversize truckload moves. This can put you and any traveling companions (like pets) at risk. Here are some ways for truckers and pilot car drivers to stay healthy during these summer heat… Read more »

6 Tips for Driving in Construction or Safety Zones

Orange cones and signs often mean slowing and delays, and though they can seem like a nuisance, they are there for a reason. Safety zones are more dangerous than other driving zones and therefore, require more attention than your average stretch of road. We’ve compiled some safety tips for driving in work or safety zones…. Read more »

10 Holiday Traffic Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

Around the holidays there’s more traffic on the road and roads can be slick from winter weather, causing truck drivers and their pilot car escorts to take extra precautions. Follow these 10 holiday traffic tips to make sure you reach your destination safely.   According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics 91 percent of holiday… Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Stay Healthy While on the Road – American Diabetes Month

We all know we should eat well and exercise to stay healthy, but let’s be honest, it’s hard when you’re a truck driver. Especially when you’re on the road all the time. Since November is American Diabetes Month, we wanted to put together a list of quick, on-the-go, no-equipment-needed exercises and healthy fast food eating… Read more »

How to Stay Safe in Bad Weather While Driving your Over Sized Load

Distracted drivers, potholes and road construction are not the only dangers on the road, you also have to prepare and react to severe weather. Driving in bad weather can cause as much damage, if not more, to your truck, to your load and to yourself. Add in an over dimensional load, and the dangers rise… Read more »

How Many Times a Day do You see a Distracted Driver?

distracted driving

As a truck driver or pilot car driver, you spend many hours on the road driving through different cities and states. I’m sure you can tell endless stories about distracted drivers, and hopefully no one got hurt. No matter the cause, distracted driving leads to accidents and sometimes death. In 2014, over 3000 people were… Read more »

Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads Down the Road

Pilot Car Superload

You’re driving on the interstate and you see flashing lights. As you get closer, you realize that what you are seeing is a Marine Helo being hauled on a flatbed. It’s an incredible sight and takes a lot of planning.     Pilot Cars – Escorting the Biggest Truck Loads Down the Road   What… Read more »