10 Holiday Traffic Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

holiday traffic and travel

Around the holidays there’s more traffic on the road and roads can be slick from winter weather, causing truck drivers and their pilot car escorts to take extra precautions. Follow these 10 holiday traffic tips to make sure you reach your destination safely.


According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics 91 percent of holiday travelers going long distances travel by car. Usually the weekend before Christmas and the days immediately following Christmas are the busiest times for travelers, but anytime around the holidays you will see increased traffic.

Winter weather also causes problems on the road around the holidays. From winter storms to ice patches and heavy rain, heavy traffic isn’t the only additional road hazard to contend with.


We’ve compiled 10 holiday traffic safety tips from AAA, insurance companies and more to help you prepare for holiday road conditions:


  1. Map your route in advance to avoid the busiest roads and avoid construction.
  2. Make sure you get enough sleep. Driving when sleep deprived is dangerous, and likewise, driving when you’re well-rested keeps you more alert.
  3. Practice defensive driving, even when you have the right of way, and keep adequate distance between your truck and other drivers. With increased traffic and an increase in DUI’s from holiday parties on the road, you can never be too cautious.holiday traffic
  4. Be prepared to go slower than the speed limit with the increased traffic on the road. Plan your time accordingly for congestion.
  5. Allow aggressive drivers to pass you and keep your speed down.
  6. Stop at truck stops and take enough breaks to help you feel refreshed.
  7. Make sure you are equipped with emergency supplies in case you get stuck in a winter storm. Warm blankets, first aid supplies, food and water, coats and a flashlight are all good items to store in case of an emergency.
  8. If your pet is travelling with you, make sure they are restrained.
  9. Keep enough distance so that if the vehicle in front of you encounters an ice patch, slams on their brakes, etc. you will have time to react accordingly.
  10. Keep a light touch on the steering wheel to help prevent white-knuckled reactions to skids. When you grip the wheel tightly, it can trigger a stressed reaction causing you to jerk the wheel, as opposed to keeping a light touch and reacting in a relaxed and safe way.


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Photos courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net by dan (snowy road) and feelart (holiday traffic lights)