Integrity Pilot Car Services can escort your High Pole job. Our pilot car drivers are trained, certified and ready to escort your over dimensional load safely to its destination.

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Integrity Pilot Car Services can handle the logistics and escort of your Superload. We know what it takes to safely move your Superload, and we are ready to do the job!

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Wide loads & Long loads

Integrity Pilot Car Services provides complete escort assistance for truckloads with oversized loads. Our pilot cars can handle loads that are Wide, Long and/or Overweight.

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Hampton Roads' Permits

Integrity Pilot Car Services can arrange all hauling permits for the 7 cities in Hampton Roads for your trucking company or truckload. Let us handle the paperwork!

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Driving with experienced professionals.

Our pilot car drivers are educated, trained and certified. Our goal is for your driver and load to reach its destination safely and securely. We coordinate with local and state police, and we follow transportation safety guidelines for height, width, length and overhang.

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Virginia State Pilot Car certification course.

Integrity Pilot Car Services offers the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course for drivers wanting to get their escort permit. The 8-hour certification course is mandatory, by the state of Virginia, for any escort applicant. We are a certified instruction site. Find out more about the course and what it takes to be certified.

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We Have a pilot car near you!

Where are we now? Check out our Pilot Car calendar and find out where our pilot cars are now! We have pilot cars near you, and they are ready to get your load to its destination safely.

Need our escort services for your over dimensional load? Contact us today!

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Licensed for Nationwide loads.

  • Offices in Virginia Beach and Stuart Virginia
  • Superloads, High Pole, Wide Loads and Long Loads
  • Experienced with State’s requirements
  • Permitting in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia
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